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  • About Training & Development

    Employers Group is a full-service training and talent development solutions provider to companies throughout the United States that are members and non-members. We offer:

    • Customized onsite training delivered at your facility anywhere in the world.
    • Open enrollment public events via our public events calendar, including our Leadership Academy, Leadership topics, Harassment Prevention (AB1825), and Senior Leadership Coursework.
    • eLearning modules, through a traditional “purchase what you need” approach, as a turnkey bundled solution via, and/or many of our instructor-led courses are available as web courses.
    • Skills gap assessment in the areas of leadership, employee development and computer skills (MSOffice topics).
    • State subsidies in California providing turn-key access to both funding and training topics that are employer driven. Plus, assistance is available in other states.
    • Harassment Prevention (AB1825) and compliance-related training that are geared toward the risks you are facing both from an industry and geographic perspective.

    Ready to get your team functioning at max efficiency? Contact our training department today and we will customize a program to fit your specific needs!



    Employers Group provides a wide array of competency-based training solutions available to many different audiences (from executive-level to employee) and in many different formats, including training customized and delivered on-site at your facility (O), open-enrollment style public events (P), live virtual classroom delivered by an instructor (V), and extremely interactive web-based courses that mirror the other formats. This apporach provides a consistent approach and delivery model for many organizational training needs.

    Certificate Programs & Multi-Day Programs

    HR & Senior Leadership Academy
    Leadership Academy
    Team Member Academy

    SHRM Certification Preparation

    Becoming a PI Practitioner

    Individual Coursework
    (Listed by Primary Competency. All Descriptions.)

    Let us help you create a custom program and plan for your organization.
    Delivery Modes: O=onsite, P=public event/ open enrollment, V=virtual class with live instructor, W=web course via online

    AudienceAvailable CoursesDelivery Formats
    ChangeLeadersDriving Change
    AnyoneEmbracing Change
    Mid to SeniorMaking Change Happen
    CoachingLeadersAdvanced Coaching
    Mid to SeniorCoaching for High Performance
    LeadersCoaching for Peak Performance
    CommunicationAnyoneBusiness Writing & Grammar
    LeadersCommunicating for Leadership Success
    AnyoneCommunicating with Impact
    Mid to SeniorCultivating Networks & Partnerships (8 hrs)
    LeadersExecuting Strategy at the Frontline
    AnyoneHigh-Impact Feedback & Listening
    Mid to SeniorInfluencing for Organizational Impact
    AnyoneMastering Emotional Intelligence
    AnyoneNetworking for Enhanced Collaboration
    AnyoneStrategies for Influencing Others
    AnyoneStrengthening Your Partnerships
    AnyoneVocational English as a Second Language (VESL: 24+)
    ConflictAnyoneCollaborating & Dealing with Conflict
    AnyoneNavigating Beyond Conflict
    LeadersResolving Workplace Conflict
    Customer ServiceLeadersCustomer Service: Creating a Service Culture
    AnyoneCustomer Service: Taking the Heat
    Decision MakingAnyoneAccelerating Business Decisions
    AnyoneMaking High Quality Decisions
    AnyoneMaking Sense of Business: A Simulation
    Mid to SeniorMastering Decision Dynamics
    DelegatingLeadersDelegating with Purpose
    DevelopmentMid to SeniorDeveloping Organizational Talent
    LeadersDeveloping Yourself and others
    AnyoneFacilitating with Impact
    AnyoneMaking Meetings Work
    LeadersReinforcing Leadership Development
    DiversityMid to SeniorLeading with a Global Perspective (8 hrs)
    AnyoneValuing Differences
    EngagementLeadersEngaging and Retaining Talent
    LeadersStrong Start : Insuring New Employees are Successful
    InterviewingLeadersART of Interviewing
    LeadersEssential Interviewing Skills (8 hrs)
    Law / ComplianceEmployeesHarassment Prevention for Employees (1 hr)
    LeadersHarassment Prevention for Supervisors: AB1825 (2 hrs)
    LeadersSupervisory Law (California or Federal)
    LeadingLeadersFostering Innovation
    Mid to SeniorInstilling a Culture of Innovation
    LeadersLeading Others
    LeadersLeading Virtually
    Mid to SeniorLeading with a Global Perspective (8 hrs)
    All LeadersMastering Emotional Intelligence
    New LeadersYour Leadership Journey
    Lean / ProcessAnyoneLean Processes/ Lean Manufacturing/ Six Sigma (8+)
    PerformanceLeadersAddressing Poor Performance
    LeadersSetting Goals and Reviewing Results
    PlanningAnyonePlanning & Managing Resources
    Software SkillsAnyoneMSOffice : Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word
    StrategyLeadersExecuting Strategy at the Frontline
    Mid-LeadersTranslating Strategy into Results (8 hrs)
    TeamsLeadersMaximizing Team Performance
    AnyoneWorking as a High Performing Team
    TrustAnyoneBuilding & Sustaining Trust



    Would you rather complete your training courses from the comfort of your own office or home? We offer several different online training options to fulfill your needs, so you can complete your courses on your own schedule.

    • Traditional Online Training. Purchase exactly the quantity of courses you need from our catalog of hundreds of e-learning courses.
    • An innovative solution to provide training as a new employee benefit to a segment of or your entire organization. Choose a package of 20, 50, or 75 eTraining Courses. We can also custom create a custom landing page and URL (
    • Web Courses. Employers Group has partnered with DDI to offer web courses. These unique web courses provide the same content as an instructor-led course and allows companies the ability to train one or a handful of trainees with targeted, high-impact development. View Courses and Order Form (click here) Already have access, go here (

    State Subsidies

    State Subsidized, Employer-Specific Training
    Utilize State Funds to Train Your Employees

    Eligible California employers can utilize state funds to train their employees through Employers Group. Employees can receive 8 to 200 hours of productivity-related training delivered by Employers Group on-site at your company’s facility, at our facility, or at another location identified by your company. Your company may also deliver the training. Training can be delivered from the point your company is approved through September 30, 2019.

    Employer Requirements:

    Typically, employers must meet the following requirements:

    • Be a for-profit company/organization or pay into the ET Tax Fund
    • Must have a 20% or less turnover rate for full-time employees for the prior calendar year (some exceptions allowed)
    • Must meet one of the following:
      • Manufacture a product
      • Derive over 25% of the facility’s revenue from outside California
      • Compete directly against a non-California firm that has no California employees
      • Be a California corporate headquarters of a multi-state entity
      • Be among other select industries, including: freight, transportation, warehousing, storage, software, motion picture / tele-production, publishing, R&D, environmental consulting, communications

    Click to Complete an Eligibility Questionnaire

    Once Employer Eligibility is Determined:

    Employers Group will conduct a complimentary training needs assessment and work with your company to identify appropriate training topics and training populations. Employers Group will then propose a solution that outlines costs and state reimbursement for your training. State reimbursement is based on a “per trainee basis” (for each eligible training hour each eligible trainee receives). Employers may receive 8 to 200 hours of training per trainee.

    Trainee Eligibility Requirements:

    For each training hour to be funded, trainees must:

    • Work full-time (35+ hours per week) during training and 90 days after training.
    • Complete at least 8 hours of eligible training.
    • Earn an hourly wage of at least:
      • $17.54 for Los Angeles County
      • $17.50 for Orange County
      • $18.22 for Bay Area Counties
      • $16.80 for Sacramento County
      • $17.03 for San Diego County
      • $16.70 for all other counties

    Note: The wage stated above must be met 90-days after training ends. Employer-paid health benefits can be included to meet or exceed wage requirement. Regular bonuses, shift differentials and some additional criteria may also be used. Contact Employers Group for details.

    Popular Training Programs Include:

    Are you delivering training internally?  Do you need to secure your own state-funded training contract?  Do you need assistance with state funding in other states?  We can help!

    For more information, please contact Jeffrey Hull,  Talent Development Director, Employers Group (213) 999-3941 /

    Leadership Academy

    According to Conference Board research, CEOs rank “human capital” as their top challenge; however only 27% of leaders feel they are “very prepared” for this challenge and only 9% of HR leaders feel their leaders are ready. Most leaders are simply not prepared to meet tomorrow’s human capital challenges. Employers Group’s Leadership Academy provides the tools and skills leaders need.

    While beneficial for any leader, the Leadership Academy has been optimized for informal, frontline leaders, and mid-level (department) managers. Senior and executive-level leaders can receive an executive summary and the benefits of the training without the need to personally attend all sessions through an introductory (3 hour) course — Reinforcing Leadership Development. After which, manager guides are provided so that training can be supported outside the classroom, which significantly increases the return-on-investment of this talent development solution.

    Option 1:

    Register individuals in our open enrollment Leadership Academy, delivered one full day every other week. If your organization is eligible, the state will reimburse Employers Group the full course cost (Employers Group members). Non-members must supplement the cost by $295.

    • Session 1: Leading Others / California Supervisory Law
    • Session 2: Communicating for Leadership Success / Dealing with Conflict
    • Session 3: Coaching for Peak Performance / Setting Goals & Reviewing Results
    • Session 4: Engaging & Retaining Talent / Driving Change
    • Session 5: Maximizing Team Performance / Fostering Innovation & Solutions

    For an upcoming open enrollment schedule, Go Here

    Option 2:

    You choose the courses, times, duration, trainees, and locations. We will customize the program and deliver it onsite at your organization’s facilities anywhere. Plus, state funding can be used to offset the cost in California and elsewhere (where available).



    Some of the positive results of Employers Group’s training included: improved communication, a strong understanding of how others think and operate and increased respect and support among managers. The training has also made my job easier as the head of HR.
    Brenda Kent, Human Resources Manager, Implant Direct, Agoura Hills, CA

    Last year we worked with Employers Group to create a team building day. A year later, staff from all locations are still talking about the fun and interactive day that they participated in. We look forward to working with Employers Group again!
    Karen Hammond, Human Resources Manager, Jamboree Housing Corporation, Irvine, CA

    Our managers have given feedback that you delivered what they perceived as “boring material” in an interesting and memorable way. To this day, I get employee relations questions from our managers who often reference things they learned in your class. Your understanding of our business and the language we use helped to bridge the gap between the law and The Body Shop. Thanks again.
    Al Kong, Director of Human Resources, The Body Shop, Wake Forest, NC

    Thank you very much for teaching our supervisory classes. Our employees feel like the time was well spent, and that each of them are using what they learned on a daily basis.
    Ellen Hootman, Communications and Training Manager, Animal Supply Logistics, Davis CA

    Traditional Online Learning

    Purchase one course for one trainee or fifty courses for fifty trainees. This self-service scalable solution coupled with generous volume discounts that begin at purchasing 25 courses, allows cost-effective development for everyone within an organization. Over 100 courses are available.


    Harassment Prevention Training

    Six AB 1825-Compliant Harassment Prevention Training Solutions for 2018

    More than any other training provider

    1. On-Site Training at YOUR Facility

    • Two hour instructor-led course or companion employee-level course
    • New, concise 4-page color participant handout
    • Add on Online make-up training for only $40 (Express Online)
    • Available in English & Spanish
    • Save up to 25% from non-member pricing. Non-member pricing available.
    • Please contact

    2. Traditional E-Learning

    • Ability to finish course at 2 hour mark
    • Completely updated, AB1825 compliant and includes abusive conduct
    • Incorporates videos & your policy
    • $32 to $40 per learner with volume discounts, if applicable
    • Purchase Online at
    • Request Pricing via email:

    3. Express Online Training

    • EG handles administration and setup
    • Completely updated, AB1825 compliant and includes abusive conduct
    • Only $55 per learner
    • Just email the trainee name, email and course name.
    • We will invoice you $55 per trainee.

    4. eTraining

    • 20, 50, or 75 individual courses, including all Harassment courses
    • Optional branded landing page and URL available
    • Set-up fee waived for Employers Group members
    • Less than $1 per course
    • Best and most cost effective compliance & self-development solution
    • Click Here For More information

    5. One-on-One Coaching

    • Customized to meet employer’s need
    • Delivered at your facility or at ours
    • Ideal for sensitive situations requiring a proactive solution
    • Completely Updated, AB1825 compliant & includes abusive conduct
    • Please contact

    6. Public Events at OUR Facilities

    • Instructor-led training in El Segundo, CA location
    • Completely Updated, AB1825 compliant & includes abusive conduct
    • Only $195 per attendee
    • Register here


    Let us help you select the best solution for. Contact a Talent Development Solutions Team Member:

    Jeffrey Hull, Senior Director
    (213) 765-3941

    Somaly Heng, Senior Manager
    (213) 765-3962

    Let us help you build and maintain a competitive edge!


    Jeffrey Hull

    Senior Director, Talent Development Solutions

    Email :

    Phone : (213) 999-3941

    Somaly Heng

    Senior Manager, Talent Development Solutions

    Email :

    Phone : (213) 765-3962

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