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  • Employee Opinion Survey

    Employers Group is here to support you with the tools you need to assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the issues affecting employee morale and organizational performance.

    • No additional cost – $1,600 value
    • Custom built, online survey
    • Completed within 3-5 business days of registration
    • Custom survey link
    • Company portal with participation tracking and report access
    • Employee communication templates

    Our online EOS allows companies to develop an effective and engaging management program, understand what employees value in their work life, and prepare the organization for change.


    Compensation & Benefits Survey

    Employers Group’s Research Department surveys and produces 5 annual reports covering hourly nonexempt to executive & mid-management, and practices & benefits. Our participation program is open to all firms, from varying industries and company size.

    We only use trusted methods to acquire data just for your needs. Create competitive compensation and benefits plans and see how well your organization matches against the current market. Contribute to our surveys and be a part of both Californian regional and US data.


    Participating in the EG Survey Program provides you with an array of benefits. Get access to your custom Comp Solutions Portal where you can:

    • View a customized comparison of your company’s compensation data to the current market
    • Easily sort by average base, salary ranges, or percentage differences for locating just what you need
    • Compare market job descriptions to your own job titles
    • Access your downloadable survey reports online, 24/7 via your Survey Library
    • Check out the Job Descriptions for over 750 Hourly, Professional, Sales, and IT & Engineering jobs
    • Locate specific wages and salary ranges sorted by survey edition, functional area, and geographic location


    Let us help you build and maintain a competitive edge!


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