Harassment Prevention Training Onsite – Do-It-Yourself (DIY)


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Use this simple Online Order Form to deliver training internally to your employees. A preview of DIY training kit.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Training Kit to train employees ($850)

A turn-key DIY training kit for HR professionals to train their employees. The DIY kit is to train employees at one organization. Available in English OR Spanish.

The kit will be available via DropBox and will include:

  1. PowerPoint with Trainer Notes
  2. Attendee materials
  3. Case studies for trainee discussion
  4. Recorded webinar which can be played, paused, and stopped for group debrief (English only)
  5. Customizable training attendance roster, quiz/evaluation, certificates of completion & more
  6. DFEH documents on harassment and discrimination, including sample policies

Additional charges may apply. Non-member premium of 10% if your company is not a member of Employers Group or EverythingHR. Note that if you are not a member, you will be given an opportunity to become a member prior rather than being charged the 10% premium.

No refunds or exchanges available.

Terms & Conditions

Employers Group / EverythingHR.com Membership.  You must be a current member during the term of the project to qualify for member pricing.  Should your membership not be current at time of project acceptance, Client agrees to be invoiced a 10% non-member premium.  (EverythingHR Gold Membership is $195/month.) There is no refund once processed.

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