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  • Unemployment Insurance Claims Administration

    For more than 30 years, Employers Group has provided Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claims Administration services, dedicated to helping members manage, reduce and control their UI costs. Our product specific technology and experienced industry staff protect you from unwarranted/erroneous benefit charges.

    Employers Group delivers the highest quality and most effective UI Claims Administration services in the national marketplace. There are a number of reasons why Employers Group is the right choice, including…

    • Financial Benefits
      • Employers Group wins more unemployment claims on behalf of our customers, reducing the benefit charges paid out to claimants who should not qualify for unemployment compensation.
      • Employers Group generally returns in unemployment tax savings between $4 and $8 for every dollar spent on our annual fees.
    • Professional Expertise
      • Employers Group knows the right terminology to use when filing protests, attending hearings, etc. to maximize your claims win ratio
      • While certain internal personnel may also have that knowledge, outsourcing protects you against the loss of that critical knowledge upon employee promotion or turnover
      • We keep up-to-date on the constantly changing state regulations and procedures
    • Custom Systems Built Specifically for Unemployment Claims Management
      • Custom technology ensures your claims are managed properly end to end, meeting all key deadlines (protests, hearings, appeals)
      • Detailed reports are produced showing all claims activity
    • Auditing to Controls Costs
      • We audit all charges against your accounts back to claims on our system, protesting and recovering any erroneous charges (the national overpayment error rate is 11.46%!)
      • We audit your tax rates, and perform a voluntary contribution analysis in the 26 states that permit this opportunity to reduce your tax rates
    • Better use of Internal Resources
      • Free up or reduce internal resources who are currently handling claims
      • Avoid losing claims because your staff simply doesn’t have the time to properly address these issues

    Aside from reducing the burden on internal resources, the primary area of savings comes from our ability to win more unemployment claims on your behalf as a result of our expertise, timely responses, and supporting technology. The additional savings generated from these additional wins will exceed the annual fee paid for our services many times over!


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      Why Employers Group

      Why Select Employers Group for your Professional Unemployment Claims Management

      Employers Group is delivering the highest quality and most effective services in the national marketplace. There are a number of reasons why Employers Group is the right choice, and they are summarized below:

      Proven Approach to Claims Management

      • Intense focus on winning claims at the initial level
      • By focusing on responsive service, all processes support our approach of providing the timely, detailed separation information that the state(s) require
      • Employers Group’s experts know the right approach & terminology to utilize when filing protests, attending hearings, etc. to maximize your claims win ratio
      • By maximizing our clients win ratios, we produce the greatest additional savings

      Proven Management Team

      • Over three centuries of combined direct unemployment industry expertise on staff
      • Our team of claims specialists (your day to day contact) average 6 years of direct unemployment industry experience
      • Our hearing representatives average over a decade of direct industry experience

      Unsurpassed IT Systems Supporting Entire Process

      • Proprietary paperless workflow system (EdgeWise) ensures your claims are managed properly from end to end, meeting all key deadlines (protests, hearings, appeals)
      • Online access to comprehensive detail and summary reports for all claims activity
      • State of the art document imaging supports the efficient exchange of information

      Comprehensive Services at Competitive Fees

      • We include claims management, hearings representation, auditing, voluntary contribution analysis, reports and client education all in one annual fee
      • Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward, and is a fair and accurate reflection of the services provided

      Built to Work With the Nation’s Largest Employers

      • Robust IT Systems and Flexible Reporting Options
      • Knowledgeable experts processing claims and appeals in all 50 states


      Unemployment Claims Management Services

      Initial Claims

      • Secure address of record with State Workforce Agencies
        • This will direct all claims, decisions, etc. to Employers Group
      • Manage unemployment activity via our EdgeWise paperless claims management system
      • Communicate immediately with Client to gather separation information as appropriate
      • File detailed, accurate, and timely protests with appropriate state offices
      • Contact Client immediately with state adjudicator questions for additional information
      • Send Decision letter to Client with the final status of each claim that is protested


      • Consult with Client in regards to filing an appeal should claim not be won at initial level
      • File the appeal with state offices upon Client’s direction
      • Upon request of client (and for an additional charge per unemployment hearing)
        • Conduct pre-hearings conferences with Client, prepping witnesses for the hearing
        • Represent our Client at the hearing with the state, conduct a post hearing review
      • If we lose at the Hearing level, discuss prospects for secondary appeal with Client
      • Upon request of client (and for an additional charge per board level appeal)
        • File secondary appeal at Client’s request, includes the written Board Brief filed at the state

      Auditing of Benefits & Charges

      • Auditing all benefits paid out from Client account back to specific claims in EdgeWise
      • Recovering on behalf of Client overpayments or other errors made by the state

      Note:  the national average of mistakes made by states in payments on unemployment claims is over 9%!


      • Client will receive comprehensive, detailed quarterly reports on all claims activity
      • Data is sorted by State UI account for further analysis

      Annual Tax Analysis  

      • Perform an audit of Client’s unemployment tax rates calculated annually by the states for each SUTA (State Unemployment Tax Account) number,
      • In states that allow them, perform a voluntary contribution analysis to determine opportunity for further savings and make recommendations


      Here’s what some of our customers have to say…

      “Employers Group has been our source of UI help for many years. It has been a pleasure to our members as well as this office to know that when a situation arises, the answer is as close as our phone. Thank you, Employers Group!”
      Beverly Blundell, Administrative Assistant
      California Construction & Industrial Materials Association (CalCIMA)


      “Thanks for your service. Keeping a handle on controlling costs related to unemployment services is a top challenge for most employers. Employers Group has provided the University of La Verne with a dedicated claims administration services group that has the infrastructure and experience to manage our unemployment claims effectively. By managing our unemployment claims, protesting unwarranted claims, reviewing determinations, ensuring appropriate allocation of charges, and providing representation at unemployment hearings, they have allowed us to concentrate on our core responsibilities…”
      Melissa Rothmeyer, Associate Director
      Human Resources Department
      University of La Verne

      For more information on Employers Group’s Unemployment Insurance Services, please call 800.748.8484.

      Sample UI Savings

      Sample UI Savings With Employers Group
      Total Unemployment Claims per Year 25 250 2,500
      Annual Protestable Claims 17 170 1,700
      Sample Current Claims Win % 70% 70% 70%
      Average Improvement with Employers Group 18% 18% 18%
      New Win % 88% 88% 88%
      Potential Unemployment Charges Saved with Employers Group (based on average claim value of $5,200) $15,600 $161,200 $1,591,200
      Realistic Unemployment Tax Savings with Employers Group (based on 50% of the claim value actually charged to the employer’s account) $9,360 $96,720 $954,720
      Typical Annual Fee for Services (is variable based on client specific data) $1,200 $10,000 $90,000
      Typical Savings After Annual Fee $8,160 $86,720 $864,720
      ROI with Employers Group (dollars saved per dollar of annual fee) $7.80 $9.67 $10.61
      Every dollar invested with Employers Group can lead to a savings of $7 to $10 for your business.

      Let us help you build and maintain a competitive edge!

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