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  • About Management Consulting

    Employers Group’s Management Consulting service offers far more than a single-shingle consultant or non-personalized, generic approach. Our service leverages the full value of the Employers Group resources. As a trusted advisor to thousands of companies across the nation, Employers Group’s management consultants bring a unique level of expertise to every engagement. All Management Consulting is conducted through a team of subject matter experts and consultants, supported by Employers Group’s internal resources and Project Managers.

    Members call in the Management Consulting team (at special rates) when…

    • They don’t have the time or resources to assemble an internal team
    • They need the absolute top experts, but they are not on your payroll
    • The special project is short term
    • Senior managers or executives take an extended leave of absence
    • Failure is not an option, but increased headcount isn’t in the budget

    Employers Group’s Management Consulting Areas of Expertise Include:

    • HR Audits
    • Exempt/Non-Exempt Analysis
    • Interim HR
    • New Employee Handbook Development
    • HR Investigations
    • Strategic Planning
    • Job Descriptions
    • Payroll Audits
    • And Much More

    For more information, please email us at serviceone@employersgroup.com or call us at 800-748-8484.

    Let us help you build and maintain a competitive edge!


    Bill Stephens

    Regional Director, Member Services

    Email : bstephens@employersgroup.com

    Services : HR & Compliance Assessment, HR Roundtables, Handbook Review, Management Consulting

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