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  • About Handbook Review

    As a member service, Employers Group handbook specialists will conduct a cursory review of a member’s existing employee handbook. This is not a comprehensive review that covers every policy, and it should not be considered in any way to be legal advice. The review includes a check of key policies, overall content, tone and current status relative to certain key employment regulations. Upon completion of the review, the handbook specialists will provide a brief, bullet point review of the handbook and a recommendation for further action to consider. The recommendations may range from – start over with a new handbook, update the current document, review with counsel, release to employees, etc.

    In order to conduct the review, please submit an electronic copy of the handbook in its current state as well as the following information:

    • Total number of employees
    • Employee count per location (city and state)
    • Any unions or CBA?
    • Affirmative Action Requirements?
    • When was handbook last updated?
    • Any specific organization or industry specifics the handbook team should be aware of?

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    Bill Stephens

    Regional Director, Member Services

    Email : bstephens@employersgroup.com

    Services : HR & Compliance Assessment, HR Roundtables, Handbook Review, Management Consulting

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