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A key membership benefit of Employers Group is the access to a wide range of surveys covering compensation, benefits, and economic trends. Conducted annually, the compensation surveys provide an excellent look at competitive compensation policies and practices.

Our Research Services department publishes 7 reports each year covering California HR practices and compensation levels. The survey program contains data for about 1,000 job classifications ranging from hourly to executive positions and over 40 HR topics including group medical practices, pension plans, vacation polices, educational reimbursement, etc.

Whether you need data for one job or as part of a formal compensation plan, EG's comprehensive survey program can help you estimate current labor market rates and practices for your organization.

Except for some specialized surveys, non-participating member firms may obtain the reports at very competitive prices - usually about $395. Surveys come in your choice of bound books or CDs (or both), as well as a downloadable electronic version.

Survey FAQ

Q. I am a new member, what surveys come with my membership?

A. New members receive the following set of surveys:

  • Regional Wage (Nonexempt) Survey
  • HR Budgets & Human Capital Benchmark Survey
  • Employer Healthcare Benefits Survey

Other surveys available through purchase, include:

  • Executive & Mid-Management Compensation Survey
  • Professional & Sales Personnel Compensation Survey
  • IT & Engineering Compensation Survey
  • HR Practices & Benefits Survey


Please click here to purchase any of the surveys noted above.

A. The best way to keep your compensation and HR reports current is through participation. As a member of the Employers Group, you will automatically be invited to participate in all of the surveys. In some cases the surveys might not apply to your company or business; however, we encourage your participation in as many surveys as possible. The strength of the survey program rests on your participation.

Q. What happens if I am not able to participate and need the survey?

A. Survey reports are available to non-participating members for a nominal fee. For pricing information see Current Surveys.

Q. I participated in a survey, when can I expect to receive the final report?

A. Generally, final survey reports are distributed to participants two months after we stop collecting information. Unless other arrangements are made, all survey reports are mailed directly to the main contact of every participating member firm.

Q. Do I need to request questionnaires to participate in the survey program?

A. No. All members are invited to participate in all of our surveys. Invitations are always emailed to the main survey contact in every member firm. Call or e-mail us to change or update your firm's survey contact.

Q. I work for a privately-held company and the owners are very sensitive about participating in compensation surveys -is our participation confidential?

A. Yes. You can participate and remain anonymous. We do not share or disclose participation to other members or non-members. We also do not sell collected survey data to other organizations for external marketing purposes. All survey data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and at no time will data be furnished in any form so as the identity of the member firm can be revealed.

Q. I am a new member and I would like to participate in the survey program, but I need time to learn the different surveys that are available. How soon do I have to start participating to obtain credit for the surveys?

A. We encourage New members to participate in any open survey. Survey reports are available to non-participating members for a nominal fee.

Q. We are a small company and we can only provide data for a few jobs, can we still participate?

A. Yes. Our survey program is diverse and we invite and encourage participation from small to large size firms. Even if you can only match data for a few jobs, we can still use your data to estimate current market rates.

Q. We do not have a formal compensation program. Can you still use our data in the survey program?

A. Yes. Our surveys are designed where participation is based on matching a job description to an existing job. Although a formal compensation program might simplify your participation, you can still submit data even if your program is not part of a formal compensation process.