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    Employers Group | 07/25/2017 |

    Employers Group provides a wide array of competency-based training solutions available to many different audiences (from executive-level to employee) and in many different formats, including training customized and delivered on-site at your facility:  (O) = onsite, instructor-led, (P) Public events open to anyone, or (V) Virtual classroom delivered by an instructor.   This approach provides a consistent approach and delivery model for many organizational training needs.  Web courses, previously available, are currently not available.


    Noteworthy & Most Popular Programs

    Individual Coursework
    (Listed by Primary Competency. All Descriptions.)

    Let us help you create a custom program and plan for your organization.  All of our courses can be delivered in a virtual format.
    Delivery Modes: O=onsite, P=public event/ open enrollment, V=virtual class with live instructor (please note that web courses are currently not available)

    AudienceAvailable CoursesDelivery Formats
    ChangeLeadersDriving Change
    AnyoneEmbracing Change
    Mid to SeniorMaking Change Happen
    CoachingLeadersAdvanced Coaching
    Mid to SeniorCoaching for High Performance
    LeadersCoaching for Peak Performance
    CommunicationAnyoneBusiness Writing & Grammar
    LeadersCommunicating for Leadership Success
    AnyoneCommunicating with Impact
    Mid to SeniorCultivating Networks & Partnerships (8 hrs)
    LeadersExecuting Strategy at the Frontline
    AnyoneHigh-Impact Feedback & Listening
    Mid to SeniorInfluencing for Organizational Impact
    AnyoneMastering Emotional Intelligence
    AnyoneNetworking for Enhanced Collaboration
    AnyoneStrategies for Influencing Others
    AnyoneStrengthening Your Partnerships
    AnyoneVocational English as a Second Language (VESL: 24+)
    ConflictAnyoneCollaborating & Dealing with Conflict
    AnyoneNavigating Beyond Conflict
    LeadersResolving Workplace Conflict
    Customer ServiceLeadersCustomer Service: Creating a Service Culture
    AnyoneCustomer Service: Taking the Heat
    Decision MakingAnyoneAccelerating Business Decisions
    AnyoneMaking High Quality Decisions
    AnyoneMaking Sense of Business: A Simulation
    Mid to SeniorMastering Decision Dynamics
    DelegatingLeadersDelegating with Purpose
    DevelopmentMid to SeniorDeveloping Organizational Talent
    LeadersDeveloping Yourself and others
    AnyoneFacilitating with Impact
    AnyoneMaking Meetings Work
    LeadersReinforcing Leadership Development
    DiversityMid to SeniorLeading with a Global Perspective (8 hrs)
    AnyoneValuing Differences
    EngagementLeadersEngaging and Retaining Talent
    LeadersStrong Start : Insuring New Employees are Successful
    InterviewingLeadersART of Interviewing
    LeadersEssential Interviewing Skills (8 hrs)
    Law / ComplianceEmployeesHarassment Prevention for Employees (1 hr)
    LeadersHarassment Prevention for Supervisors: AB1825 (2 hrs)
    LeadersSupervisory Law (California or Federal)
    LeadingLeadersFostering Innovation
    Mid to SeniorInstilling a Culture of Innovation
    LeadersLeading Others
    LeadersLeading Virtually
    Mid to SeniorLeading with a Global Perspective (8 hrs)
    All LeadersMastering Emotional Intelligence
    New LeadersYour Leadership Journey
    Lean / ProcessAnyoneLean Processes/ Lean Manufacturing/ Six Sigma (8+)
    PerformanceLeadersAddressing Poor Performance
    LeadersSetting Goals and Reviewing Results
    PlanningAnyonePlanning & Managing Resources
    Software SkillsAnyoneMSOffice : Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word
    StrategyLeadersExecuting Strategy at the Frontline
    Mid-LeadersTranslating Strategy into Results (8 hrs)
    TeamsLeadersMaximizing Team Performance
    AnyoneWorking as a High Performing Team
    TrustAnyoneBuilding & Sustaining Trust