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  • State Subsidies

    Employers Group | 07/25/2017 |

    State Subsidized, Employer-Specific Training
    Utilize State Funds to Train Your Employees | Receive Rebates on the Training Provided

    Eligible California employers can utilize state funds to train their employees through Employers Group. Employees can receive 8 to 200 hours of productivity-related training delivered by Employers Group on-site at your company’s facility, at our facility, or at another location identified by your company. Your company may also deliver the training. Training can be delivered from July 1, 2020 until December 31, 2021.

    Employer Requirements:

    Typically, employers must meet the following requirements:

    • Be a for-profit company/organization or pay into the ET Tax Fund
    • Must have a 20% or less turnover rate for full-time employees for the prior calendar year (some exceptions allowed)
    • Must meet one of the following:
      • Manufacture a product
      • Derive over 25% of the facility’s revenue from outside California
      • Compete directly against a non-California firm that has no California employees
      • Be a California corporate headquarters of a multi-state entity
      • Be among other select industries, including: freight, transportation, warehousing, storage, software, motion picture / tele-production, publishing, R&D, environmental consulting, communications

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    Once Employer Eligibility is Determined:

    Employers Group will conduct a complimentary training needs assessment and work with your company to identify appropriate training topics and training populations. Employers Group will then propose a solution that outlines costs and state reimbursement for your training. State reimbursement is based on a “per trainee basis” (for each eligible training hour each eligible trainee receives). Employers may receive 8 to 120 hours of training per trainee.

    Trainee Eligibility Requirements:

    For each training hour to be funded, trainees must:

    • Work full-time (35+ hours per week) during training and 90 days after training.
    • Complete at least 8 hours of eligible training.
    • Earn an hourly wage of at least:
      • $19.05 for Los Angeles County
      • $18.39 for Orange County
      • $20.00 for Bay Area Counties
      • $18.34 for Sacramento County
      • $18.34 for San Diego County
      • $18.34 for all other counties

    Note: The wage stated above must be met 90-days after training ends. Employer-paid health benefits of up to $2.50 can be included to meet or exceed wage requirement. Regular bonuses, shift differentials and some additional criteria may also be used. Contact Employers Group for details.

    Popular Training Programs Include:

    Are you delivering training internally?  Do you need to secure your own state-funded training contract?  Do you need assistance with state funding in other states?  We can help!

    For more information, please contact Jeffrey Hull,  Talent Development Director, Employers Group (213) 999-3941 / jhull@employersgroup.com