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  • Public Event Training Policies

    Employers Group | 07/06/2017 |

    Public Event Registration Policy

    Employers Group urges participants to register early and at least two weeks prior to the event to ensure minimum participation levels are achieved so that the program can be delivered.  Walk-in registrations are not permitted.  Registrations will be accepted within 14 days of the delivery date; however, registrations made within 7 days will be subject to a surcharge and materials may or may not be available for late registrations.

    Payment: Fees for all programs are due in full seven (7) calendar days in advance of program start date.  Registration is not officially complete nor confirmed until payment has been received.  Payments may be made by check or credit card (Amex, MasterCard and Visa).  Payments cannot be accepted at the door.

    Employers Group cannot guarantee a specific trainer for delivery of any training program.  Program locations are subject to change and advance notice will be given to registrants.

    Confirmations: Confirmation emails are sent once registration is complete and at least 5 days prior to the scheduled event.  If confirmation is not received at least three days prior, please call 800.748.8484 to confirm registration.

    Certificate Program Multi-Day Coursework and Make-Ups

    A certificate of achievement will be awarded for each trainee who completes all but one of the required courses/modules.  Participants who miss a module are permitted to make up that course at no additional charge within 90 days of the original scheduled training date.  For courses outside this window, participants will be subject to the typical course registration fee or make-up the class via e-learning format if a suitable substitute class is available.

    HRCI Credit: For individuals requiring specific HRCI credit, you will receive a completion certificate for actual attendance and available credit assigned for such attendance upon request.  A certificate of attendance for the specific credit requested will be sent to you via email upon verification of attendance.  All requests should be sent to training@employersgroup.com.  Please note that not all courses are eligible for HRCI credit.  If specific credit is important to you, please contact Employers Group to identify which courses have been pre-approved for credit.

    Cancellation Policy

    All registrations are firm.  Substitutions are accepted and encouraged when the original registrant is unable to attend the full program (individual modules from a certificate program are excluded).

    A refund, less a 10% administrative fee, will be given only when cancellations are made 14 or more days prior to the delivery date.  Cancellations made less than 14 days and “No Shows” will forfeit their registration fee.  Individuals requesting to be transferred to another location within the 14-day day of the event are considered a cancellation and will forfeit their registration fee; however, up to a 50% credit may be granted at Employers Group’s discretion to attend another upcoming program.  50% of the registration fee is due to register the individual.

    In the event that a program is rescheduled, cancelled or postponed, registrants will be notified to reschedule to either a different date, location, mode of delivery (online or webinar) or program.  These decisions are made at least one week prior to the start of training.  Employers Group will provide a refund only in those cases where a cancellation has occurred and no substitute program is provided.  Employers Group is not responsible for penalties incurred by registrants who must cancel travel arrangements.

    Public Event Dress Code

    Business casual attire is suggested for all Employers Group training events.  Business attire is suggested for special events such as the Workplace & Employment Law Update.


    Selected venues have adequate parking facilities.  Parking is typically not validated for public training programs.  Training confirmations will contain specific information on parking.


    Employers Group tries to provide appropriate catering at all of our training events:  Coffee will be provided for morning sessions and lunch will be provided for all day training sessions.  We apologize in advance if this is not possible or if you find the selection undesirable.

    Webinar Policy

    You can access interactive webinars on key topics by phone and Internet connection from the comfort of your own desk.  Webinars are typically 25% – 50% shorter in duration than in-person class sessions.  The registration fee is for one phone/web connection per registration.  (PHR/SPHR Certification Webinar is limited to 3 individuals per each phone/web connection.)

    Dial in and log on instructions will be emailed the day before, or the morning of, the scheduled webinar.  You must log on using the registrant’s First and Last name, as it appeared during registration.  Entries that do not contain this information may be removed and/or disallowed from the webinar.  Admittance will be verified against the registration list.  Questions may be posed either via phone and/or through interactive web connection.  For a webinar schedule, please visit www.employersgroup.com.

    Please note that the Cancellation, Payment, and HRCI Credit Policy is the same as that of Public Event Registration (previous section).

    On-Site Training Policy

    Specific policies, terms and conditions concerning customized, on-site training delivered at a client-identified training location will be contained in the on-site order agreement form.  Please contact training@employersgroup.com for more information.

    Record Retention Policy

    Employers Group retains all public training event documentation electronically for a period of 5 years, including courses offering HRCI credits.  Employers Group retains all state-funded training program documentation for a period of no less than 4 years.  Attendance documentation retained typically includes:  Attendee *name and signature), course / program title, instructor (name and signature), date(s), location, and number of credits possible.  Employers Group does not retain or track on-site training attendance records.  It is the responsibility of the employer/client to maintain and track these records.  Employers Group will supply a training attendance roster for the training session(s) delivered.  It is the employer’s responsibility to collect signatures and retain these records.

    Concerns Resolution Policy

    Employers Group prides itself on delivering training that meets or exceeds trainee and organizational expectations; however, we are not perfect and may make a mistake or fall short on expectations.  We take continuous feedback very seriously and welcome comments, and even complaints, as a way to do better.  If you have a concern, we encourage you to contact your Client Services Manager; however, if you do not have or do not know who he or she is, please contact Employers Group’s Learning Services Director at 800.748.8484.

    Course Update Policy

    Employers Group reviews and updates, as necessary, all training-related content annually.  This is due, in part, to the changing employment law landscape throughout the United States.