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  • Comp Solutions Portal.                                                    

    Your Portal offers a multitude of features that allow you to view your available surveys, participate in surveys and manage, as well as update, your company information. Log into your portal now to access our one of a kind comparison tools such as “SmartComp” & “QuickComp” to help you make strategic decisions based on the market to create a long-standing competitive approach.

    What's New with Your Portal: 

    SmartComp Features (Brand New!)

    Initially, our older SmartComp version only compared your company base pay against the California average pay reported in our surveys. We have now determined the differential between the California pay rate and a 

    comparable pay rate for a particular California location, industry, and company size. With those estimates, we are able to better benchmark the differences between your company and the market! 

    Get to know your company’s wants and needs by logging into your portal to learn more about how your market score compares to your competitors as well as explore our new developments and apply them to your strategy as you create your compensation plan for 2019.

    QuickComp (Brand New!)

    QuickComp is our online survey database tool that will allow you to obtain current and up-to-date market pay as well as existing applicable pay ranges. All information is available in real time and is updated every survey period to provide you with the latest data.

    This online tool allows you to customize your search to obtain market data for over 500 job classifications.

    Choose between 7 differential locations throughout all of California, 5 company size groups, and 4 general industries.

    Classifications range from executive, mid-management, professional, sales, IT, engineering, hourly, entry level positions, and more!