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  • Are you paying too much in unemployment claims?

    Are you paying too much in unemployment claims?
    The answer is probably yes.

    Although unemployment benefits were created for workers who lose their jobs through no fault of
    their own, many who don’t qualify under this definition still collect benefits at employers’ expense.
    Your company’s unemployment expenditures rise with every paid claim, whether legitimate or not.

    Save on your unemployment claims and costs.
    Every dollar paid for the unemployment insurance service can lead to a savings of $5 for
    your business.

    When you partner with Employers Group, you can successfully defeat more invalid unemployment
    claims and save on escalating unemployment insurance costs. Compared to in-house attempts and
    competitive services, Employers Group can increase your win rate by 10 to 40 percent. As a result,
    you drive-down your expenditures, reduce your administrative overhead burden, and capture
    credits and/or refunds via our tax rate and benefit charges auditing.

    Unemployment Claims Processing and Performance Management Consulting

    When an unemployment claim is filed against your business, the clock starts ticking. Employers
    Group knows the various deadlines, differing state laws, and the documentation required to
    protest claims anywhere in the United States. We treat each claim individually, which, along with
    Employers Group’s performance management consulting, gives your company the best possible
    chance of winning and saving money.

    You can trust the Unemployment Insurance professionals at Employers Group to:

    • Protest initial level claims utilizing thorough fact finding
    • Prepare witnesses with pre-hearing conferences
    • Represent you at hearings
    • File board-of-review final appeals
    • Audit all unemployment charges and tax rates
    • Analyze the feasibility of voluntary contributions to lower taxes
    • Provide an easy to use web portal and detailed claims activity reports
    • Update you on individual decisions at each level
    • Conduct educational training and provide legislative updates
    • Provide quarterly claims reports
    • Perform management consulting reviews

    Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your current UI program at (800) 748-8484 or serviceone@employersgroup.com.