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  • 10 Reasons to Choose Online Learning

    Employers Group | 06/26/2017 | Featured, Training


    1. The Price is Right:  Online learning is typically much lower priced that instructor-led training programs (public events, onsite training and webinars).  Couple this with volume discounts and online learning provides effective employee development at very attractive prices.
    2. You Pick the Time & Place:  Individuals can log on and off and receive self-paced training when their schedule allows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All that is needed is an Internet connection.
    3. Wide Range of Choices:  One size doesn’t fit everyone and custom blends of courses can be created for selected groups or individual employees.
    4. Large or Small – We have what you need:  Train just one person or train your entire organization.  Purchase additional training modules when they are needed.
    5. Consistent & Reliable:  Individuals receive the same course and content (if selected) and there is no deviation based upon live instruction variables.
    6. Top to Bottom Solutions   Training content is available for every level within every organization.
    7. Immediate Results::.  Real-time progress reports available for each learner and their assigned coursework.
    8. Time and Money Savings:  No lost productivity or additional expenses incurred due to employee or instructor travel.
    9. Knowledge Retention & Transfer:  Content proficiency is measured ensuring retention and knowledge transfer.
    10. On-the-job Relevance:    Current online learning can be made even more relevant to your organization and an individual’s daily work by forming learning teams that meet and discuss the content and on-the-job application.  Additionally, content can be customized and branded to meet specific training objectives.