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Nobody has to tell you that managing unemployment claims can be a challenge in today’s complex business world. Whether the unemployment rate is high or low, or if you outsource your claims management or handle these functions in house, you know how costly and time-consuming the process can be. We can help you save time and money!

For more than 30 years, Employers Group has provided Unemployment Insurance (UI) services dedicated to helping members manage, reduce and control their UI costs. Our product specific technology and experienced industry staff protect you from unwarranted/erroneous benefit charges. We provide the necessary expertise to eliminate the need for in-house UI program administration.. We have saved clients a range from $33,000 to $67, 000 a year in internal staff cost for a fraction for outsourcing fees. In addition, most HR departments simply do not have the time to stay abreast of changes in the UI Codes, pertinent legislation and prevailing precedents.

Employers Group assists you in reducing costs related to UI by managing your unemployment claims and controlling your unemployment tax rates by providing hands-on support and expertise.

  • Claims Administration
    Through our custom technology, we process your claims using detailed separation information, protest erroneous charges to your reserve account, and follow claims to their final disposition. Because of our nationwide capabilities, we can communicate with any state on your behalf, whether in writing or responding to telephone inquiries, relieving you of this lengthy process. You are advised at each step in the process and you are the final authority on the course of action to pursue.

  • Hearings Representation
    Our experienced hearing representatives conduct pre-hearing telephone conferences with your witnesses to prepare them to testify at hearing. We attend the hearing with your witnesses, relieving them of the often intimidating responsibility of adequately presenting the employer's side of the case.

  • Training and Consulting
    We conduct training sessions with managers and supervisors to introduce them to the importance of their role in dealing with employees and how their actions can impact the company's UI account. Armed with basic knowledge of the State's requirements, they are better prepared to deal with employee and workplace situations.

  • Accountability
    You receive claims activity reports on a quarterly basis. These provide you with information that can affect your company's UI account and can be used as an educational tool for managers. We evaluate the types of separations and corresponding win-ratios and provide recommendations for further action, if needed.

  • Audit
    We audit and monitor your Statement of Benefit Charges and tax rate notices for accuracy, and protest questionable charges to the State until the appeals process is completed. For example, California has had calculation error rates as high as 18%. In those states that allow voluntary contributions, we perform an analysis to determine the feasibility of exercising this option. As your UI partner, Employers Group can save you up to $50,000 a year or more in removed liabilities.

  • Management Education
    You have access to proposed, pending and signed legislation affecting the UI program through our website and newsletters. This information is critical to the overall effectiveness of your human resources department.
Special Note for Non-profits
Non-profit employers can choose the reimbursable method to finance their UI account. Under this method, employers pay the State dollar-for-dollar for benefits paid to former employees. Overpayments must be collected from the recipients by the State before refunds can be made to the employer. It is critical to win claims at the initial level. To achieve this goal you need assistance from an effective and efficient UI service provider.

Outsourcing vs. In-house Processing
Already outsourcing UI? Now you have a choice. What makes our services different? Most importantly, you’ll have a single point of contact, a dedicated account manager - who is well-versed and intimately familiar with your company - assisting you every step of the way. In addition, our claims process utilizes intelligent automation, meaning we’ll automate, but take care to preserve specific, detailed protest/appeals information.

Handling UI in-house? Now there’s a better way. If you’re currently managing claims processing in-house, we can help directly affect your bottom line by:

  • Reducing the need to commit staff time to claims management;
  • Keeping you current on all rules, regulations and tax provisions;
  • Winning more claims with our professional management services, and
  • Reviewing audits of all charges and tax rates.

As a result, we’ll help you win more claims and lower unemployment tax rates for your organization.

Why Employers Group?
Bottom line - our proven, personalized approach delivers higher win ratios and lower overall costs for your organization, at some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Even with the dramatic industry consolidation that has occurred over the past five years, there is still a higher quality alternative on the market. Some of the reasons why Employers Group is the best choice include:

  • Proven approach to claims management and ability to deliver higher win ratios;
  • A dedicated account manager, who is intimately familiar with your account;
  • Comprehensive services at competitive fees; and
  • Unsurpassed IT systems supporting entire process

In addition, our UI member clients have the added benefit of access to the full range of Human Resources services provided by Employers Group.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say…

“Employers Group has been our source of UI help for many years. It has been a pleasure to our members as well as this office to know that when a situation arises, the answer is as close as our phone. Thank you, Employers Group!”

Beverly Blundell, Administrative Assistant
California Construction & Industrial Materials Association (CalCIMA)

“Thanks for your service. Keeping a handle on controlling costs related to unemployment services is a top challenge for most employers. Employers Group has provided the University of La Verne with a dedicated claims administration services group that has the infrastructure and experience to manage our unemployment claims effectively. By managing our unemployment claims, protesting unwarranted claims, reviewing determinations, ensuring appropriate allocation of charges, and providing representation at unemployment hearings, they have allowed us to concentrate on our core responsibilities…”

Melissa Rothmeyer, Associate Director
Human Resources Department
University of La Verne

For more information on Employers Group’s Unemployment Insurance Services, please call 800.748.8484.