library and reference services

The Employers Group's Human Resources Reference Services provides members with comprehensive and reliable assistance. Here you will find thousands of readily available tips and ideas on the practice, principles, theories and laws affecting nearly every phase of Human Resources. Reference Services includes information in the following areas:


We maintain an up-to-date collection of publications on federal and state legislation, plus laws and regulations, to help you stay in compliance. Among the legal sources we carry are the California Codes, Federal Codes, and the Federal Register.

Policy Samples

A complete cross-referenced collection of sample company policies. In addition, you will find examples of employee handbooks, job descriptions and forms. We also have sample Human Resources related letters. (EG members may also visit our HR Tools section to view/download some of these forms online.)

Compensation & Benefits

Reference material on wage and salary administration (including hundreds of job descriptions), job evaluation, and fringe benefits. Numerous non-EG surveys that cover national, regional, state and municipal areas. (For information on EG surveys, visit our Surveys section.)


The Employers Group subscribes to all the current HR magazines, including "HR Magazine, "Journal of Compensation & Benefits", "Training and Development, "and "HR Focus."

Reference Manuals

Employers Group subscribes to comprehensive and in-depth reference manuals, such as the Bureau of National Affairs, (BNA), Commerce Clearing House (CCH), West Group and Research Institute of America (RIA).

Self-help Materials

An unprecedented resource, with numerous articles and data on new ideas and trends in human resource management, child care, prepaid legal insurance, alternative work schedules, posting regulations, attitude surveys, relocation practices, and much, much more.

CD ROM and Internet

Our library can access excellent information on both CD ROM and the Internet. Our Reference Services can also navigate you through the EG Website.

For a comprehensive list of what you will find in our Library, please visit the Library Resources Reference List.