HR Reference Manual

This valuable tool is a human resources primer and is comprised of detailed chapters with narrative on the fundamentals of human resources.

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 Table Of Contents
 i. Preface
1 Selected Employment Law Requirements by Company Size
2 What California Wage Order are We Under  
3 Guide to Acronyms in Human Resources
Records, Postings & Notices
4 Employee Notice Requirements for California Employers
5 Employee - Federal Notice Requirements for Employers 
6 State - Personnel Record Retention Requirements
7 Federal - Personnel Record Retention Requirements
8 State - Posting Requirements
9 Federal - Posting Requirements  
10 The Significance of "At-Will" Employment in California
11 Managing an Effective Progressive Discipline System
12 Turnover
13 Absenteeism  
14 "White Collar" Exemptions 
15 Guide Lists for Determining Exemptions
16 Counting COBRA Time Clocks Correctly
17 Unemployment Insurance
18 The In's and Out's of the Workers' Compensation Claims System  
19 Slaying the Daily Overtime Dragon
20 The Consumer Price Index (CPI)
21 Pricing Wage and Salary Structures
22 Payment of Wages
23 Garnishments and Withholding Orders
24 Mandatory Leaves for California Employers
25 Military Leave  
26 Equal Employment Opportunity and Employment Discrimination
27 Employee Handbook
28 Your Workplace Injury & Illness Program
29 Model Program for Workplace Violence
30 Safety Rules
31 Violence in the Workplace
32 Emergency Action Plan and Fire Prevention Plan

33 Bomb Threat Procedures


Human Resources Reference Manual
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