This section of EG’s Website is designed to help keep you current about developments in HR practice areas. Here you will find information on HR legal concerns, statistics, trends, and general employee relations.

HR News is displayed under three categories. Each category features current news stories grouped along a major HR area. While these groupings help the reader focus on certain topics, there may be stories in one category that are pertinent to other categories as well.

Compensation and Benefits News

Contains stories on pay, from wages to incentives. Also included are stories on specific employee benefits, as well as trends in such topics as work environment and work-life balance.

Legislation and Employment Law News

Contains news on employment related legislation. In addition, this section contains stories related to employment law concerning case law, regulations, and
Government agency developments.

Recruiting, Staffing and Training News.

Contains latest developments related to attracting and retraining employees. Also included are stories about how companies are planning and maintaining their staffing needs, along with trends on supply and demand for certain types of workers. Also included are emerging needs and practices concerning employee training.